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Providing branded lubes and engine oils, such as Servo Tractor Engine Oil, Castrol Activ Lubricant Oil, Koel Care Lubricating Oil, Mobil Unirex Grease, Servo Bike Oil, etc.

Empowered with more than four decades of industry experience, Talati Marketing Co. has become a well-known supplier and trader of a premium range of automotive oils and lubricants. We deal in reputed brand products, such as Castrol Activ Lubricant Oil, Koel Care Lubricating Oil, Servo Bike Oil, Servo Tractor Engine Oil, and Mobil Unirex Grease among others. We offer engine oils and lubricants from various trusted brands, such as Castrol, Servo, HP, Petronas, Nulon, Kirloskar, and Rustolene.

We take pride in our long history of serving customers with the best available products. We have traversed a long journey ever since we ventured into this. During this enriched business journey dotted with several milestones, we have witnessed a phenomenal transformation in the automotive sector. Similarly, we have seen a remarkable transformation in the production of engine oils and lubes. We are very much satisfied that we have offered the best lubricants and engine oils to general consumers in every era.

Needless to say, such a long journey would be riddled with challenges. Our leadership has always confronted those challenges with aplomb and paved the way for greater achievements. That legacy is still being carried forward under the current leadership of Mr. Gaurav Talati who is an epitome of sharp business acumen and decision-making. Under his supervision, our company continues to shine bright in the market.

Our Team

The success of any business hinges on collective efforts, not individual brilliance. Individual brilliance can help accomplish short-term objectives but it is the collective efforts of a team that sustain the success of any business. Not even the best of companies or multinational corporations can thrive only on a single maverick. We know the value of teamwork and how critical it is for market sustenance. Our collective endeavor has been the main force behind the continued growth and expansion of our business.

Quality Assurance

Like the synergy of a team, the quality of products is an equal partner in the success of a business. Right from inception, we have placed great emphasis on the quality of lubricants and engine oils we offer. In our array, we have reputed products, such as Koel Care Lubricating Oil, Castrol Activ Lubricant Oil, Servo Bike Oil, Servo Tractor Engine Oil, and Mobil Unirex Grease among others.

Brands We Deal In

  • Castrol
  • Servo
  • HP
  • Petronas
  • Nulon
  • Kirloskar
  • Rustolene

Why Us?

Owing to various factors customers continue to trust us for their requirements of engine oils and lubricants. Some of such factors are:

  • Vast experience in the industry
  • Customer-friendly business policies
  • Integrated supply network and trusted logistics support
  • A team of loyal employees